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How many AP classes should one take?

I have filled my course schedule with AP classes. I have selected 8 AP classes and 3 Honors, is it necessary? For me, I believe regular classes is a bit too easy for me and I want to get more prepared for college.


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7 months ago

The number of AP classes that a person should take would be determined based on the following three factors:

1. What college the student is planning to apply to (more competitive colleges expect more AP classes)

2. The number of AP classes offered at the school and any limitations on AP classes (for example: could only take AP class junior/senior list)

3. Additional rigorous classes the student is taking (honors, IB, A-level, IB SL, IB HL, Dual Enrollment, etc.)

Universities are looking to see how rigorous of a course load a student took, in comparison to what was available to them. In addition, they are looking to see what grades you earned in those classes. Colleges want to see that you have been successful in the courses that you have taken and that they have prepared you for the classes you will take in college.

7 months ago

Hey! I think I might be able to offer an opinion on this.

The number of AP classes you take, in my opinion, should largely be tailored to these factors:

- Your interests

-The colleges you're interested in

-The number of AP classes offered at your school, or context

I, say, your school offers 10 AP classes and you took 8 as you mentioned, it would be a boost to your application since you made the most out of your resources available to you. But if there are like 15 or 20 AP classes offered at your school and you take 8 classes while other students at your school are taking more, could come off as a negative aspect of an application. This is especially when you seem to not take a class related to your intended major [for example, you list Math as your intended major and do not take AP Calc BC at your school if offered].

Overall, I say just go with your interests, passions, and the amount of work you can do to get good grades at the same time. 8 APs are a lot anyway, and overall looks like a competitive number of AP classes to take. Context of your school matters a lot.

Do what you love, not what could get you into colleges.


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