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How did you pay/are paying for Syracuse? (specially international students)

Hi! I'm an international HS senior, graduating November this year, and Syracuse is my 1st choice for college. It's my dream school. I acknowledge it is more expensive than the average of US colleges, that many people avoid enrolling because of that, and it gets even worse for international students who have lower-rated currencies, which is my case. However, there are plenty of non-US citizens there. Therefore, I'd like to know: how do internatonal students pay for 'Cuse? Which are good options for payment? Thank you in advance!

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7 months ago

Syracuse is definitely a great university but if you are seriously impacted by the ability to pay and are a top student that wants to be in Upstate NY, I would recommend that you consider Colgate and Hamilton, Vassar, Skidmore, and Union College. They all have better financial aid for International students.


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