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Do universities care about dual enrollment?

I'm a junior, and the school I've been working to get into in the future is the University of Michigan- a very good and very difficult school to be admitted to. Based on CollegeVine stats, my GPA and extracurriculars are both above average!!.... but my course load is lacking. I've been trying to take the best mix of classes I'm able to. By the time I graduate next year, I will have 3 AP classes (one taken with a 5 on the exam so far), 4 accelerated courses, and 7 dual enrollment courses at a college near me. I opted to take more of these dual enrollment classes than a couple more AP classes that were available to me. Was that a mistake? As well, I could not fit another AP class my senior year because to get highest honors at my high school, I have to take a 4th science credit (I'm doing forensic science!). Do you think colleges value dual enrollment classes?


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3 years ago

Short answer: Yes, colleges value dual enrollment classes as a measure of academic rigor!

Long answer: Dual enrollments are commonly weighed as more rigorous than accelerated courses (somewhat equal to honors) yet are almost universally considered less impressive than AP courses. The circumstances with which these classes are offered to you is reviewed, however, and I think you'll find that taking those classes you seem genuinely excited about (like forensic science) is more important than the raw number of APs you cram into your schedule. So no, it's not a mistake. This site tends to undervalue the rigor of course load anyway – you seem on track for UMich!

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