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Best Classes for HS Junior to take for Veterinary Path

My son is going to be a junior in high school in the fall and we are trying to figure out the best classes for him to take. He has already taken Chemistry, Biology and Algebra 2 and is taking several Vet, Animal and Equine Science electives. I just want to make sure he takes the correct courses to help his chances. Thank you everyone for your time and input!

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7 months ago

if you're 100% sure about vet school try to find combined bachelors and DVT programs!

For courses biology is super important, and if you want to you can try coursera/edx etc for vet courses.

7 months ago

If your son wants to be a veterinarian, the one essential course that your son has to take is biology. Many schools also offer Animal Biology, so your sone can take that as well. Another science course your son can take is Anatomy and Physiology. Those are the three main related courses to the veterinary path. It mostly depends on what your high school offers.


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