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I took an AP Class, but can't take the test. Does it count on my transcript.

My question is listed in the title. My school is not offering an AP test?

I also have a 3.9 GPA with the best Course Rigor. I take AP courses that aren't offered at my school. Does the 3.9 GPA have a huge impact in college admissions.


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Hey there!

I have typically heard of people taking AP exams but not the classes, but yours is the opposite. Usually, it is a good thing! AP classes show colleges that you challenge yourself by taking the available rigorous classes that your school offers. However, it might be inconvenient and even time-consuming when you are taking these college credit classes and not taking the exam to get actual credit. My suggestion would be to try to inquire about other schools or test centers where you could take the AP exams (talk to your counselor about this) because it can really help you save money by finishing off some introductory courses earlier in high school! However, if you are not able to find any places that offer exams for people like you, then it's okay. Just mention your situation during your college apps so they understand that you took these classes despite the fact that you couldn't take the exams to get credit for them. That way, it will give you a great advantage during admissions over other candidates who didn't take AP classes because AP exams weren't offered at your school.

I hope this helps :)

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A lot of people don’t take the AP test for certain classes, so don’t stress too much about if the AP test for that class is not offered. Additionally, most schools don’t put your AP test scores onto your transcript, so the only way colleges will find out what tests you took are if you willingly give them the scores (this is just how it has been explained to me by a school counselor). As for your GPA, I think you’re doing great! A 3.9 is particularly impressive and will definitely open a lot of doors. Just make sure that you SAT/ACT scores and EC’s are strong as well.

Good luck!


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