7 months ago
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Can colleges look at grades that don't go on your transcript? (ex: midterm grades)

I am in grade 9 and am currently attending high school in Canada.

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7 months ago

i'm pretty sure they don't, usually they only see your transcript, but again i'm in united states. i wouldn't stress about midterm grades & stuff like that, focus on extracirculars & maintain a good gpa, you'll be fine :)

7 months ago

It depends on the college you are applying to and getting admitted to.

I was admitted into Columbia University in the City of NY and they definitely looked at my entire transcript that had all my Semester and Mid-term grades. After I was accepted in December, they also asked to see my senior mid-year grades in February, and in June I will be required to submit my Final grades as well. Most of the better schools also have the same requirements and nearly all US High School transcripts have both semester and midterm grades on them.

As a Canadian applicant, you will be evaluated as other Canadian applicants so maybe you have dodged a bullet because your school doesn't post them on your physical transcripts. I would ask for some feedback from Canadian admits either here on other boards.

Good luck.


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