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Should I take AP Seminar?

Hello! I am a rising junior and am planning to take APUSH, AP Lang, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP AB or BC Calc (not really sure), AP Psychology, Junior Research at STEM school, and another class. I'm debating on whether I should take AP Seminar or AP Music Theory for the other class. I play the piano outside of school and do theory exams, and reading the curriculum I think AP Music theory will be a p easy class for me, but I want to study pre-med in college. I've heard that AP Seminar is a lot of research papers and stuff and its a lot of work. Which should I do? Also, should I do AB or BC Calc, im ready for both classes but i'm not sure.


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3 years ago

It is a ton of work. You already have a lot of APs, so I would strongly advise against it, as it won't give you an advantage taking 11 vs 13 APs for college admissions. If youre taking Physics C, definitely do AP Calc BC. It's really not that hard imo and top colleges don't like to see that you took the easy way out and took AB

3 years ago

Personally Im going to be taking AP Seminar (and then research my senior year) because from what Ive heard it teaches you how to research and write college papers, which I think is a good skill. But like the previous reply said, you have a lot of APs already and it may not be the best course of action. Also Im going to be taking both Calculus AB next year and then Calculus BC my senior year, but thats just me


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