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What does CollegeVine mean by prestige in its categories - how do you define it?


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By 'Prestige Colleges/Universities' it means well-known and well-respected. Think like Harvard University, very high prestige, everyone knows them and they have an amazing reputation! Now, for low prestige, you could think either local community colleges or maybe a college with a bad reputation for some reason or another.

Thanks, and who determines whether a college is prestigious or not?
repuation kind of along with aau membership are fairly good indicators but ive seen some that are a bit underrated
Thanks, AAU? The only AAU I can think of is the Amateur Athletic Union. I assume you don't mean that?
I’m sorry association of American universities They are the top research universities in the country if i remember they account for 3% of colleges but get 40% of a federal research grants I’m not certain on specific numbers but they are powerhouse research centers
Great, thanks, did not know this; appreciate your getting back.