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Does CR grades look bad on your high school transcript?

I have a B in Spanish 101/102 currently and it's actually going to go on my transcript as a CR (Credit) grade, much like the binary Pass/Fail system. Does this look bad on my high school transcript? Also, my school doesn't actually have a Foreign Language requirement and I wasn't even supposed to be placed in that class. I actually wasn't qualified for that class either but I really wanted to take it.


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9 months ago

If you purposely ask for it to change to CR and colleges see that then, it may be detrimental to your transcript however I would say A>CR>B>C. If your school is changing it to CR then you can tell colleges that and the CR=A>B>C. In other words, if the school changes your mark, it will be good because they must assume that mark to be an A but there are some exceptions. For example, if you have had a 4.0 your whole HS and a your 1 Spanish grade is a CR, colleges must assume its an A. If you have had a 2.9 GPA and you get a CR, it is likely that you would have almost failed the course. In conclusion, as long as the school makes it CR and not you, you should be fine


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