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GPA and SAT/ACT,If both SAT,ACT are done is there a higher chance of getting accepted and does freshman year count

Hi I'm in grade 9 I'm in the International school of Chouefait in erbil. I'm planning to study in this university CALTECH, and become an engineer, thank you.

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So it doesn't really matter if you take both the SAT and ACT; colleges only need one, and you don't get a 'boost' if you take both. The reason people opt to take both is to see which one they are better at. (You can do this with practice tests as well; I found that I do better on the SAT after taking practice tests for both the SAT and ACT.) You mentioned GPA in your question. I don't see an explicit question about GPA, but know that it definitely counts for college admissions. The higher GPA you have, the better your chances!

Freshman year definitely counts! Make sure to keep high grades, and explore extracurriculars to see which ones you like. If you're looking into going into engineering, look into coding and robotics clubs if they are available. Math and science clubs are also great! Maybe if a desired club isn't available, try starting your own club! (That's what I did, and it's so enjoyable. I highly recommend it!) If you want to start a club, I recommend starting a club that doesn't require money to fund it (such as robotics).

Good luck on getting into Caltech! I'm rooting for you!



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