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Hey, I’m in 9th grade and have really been struggling with my study habits, can any of you recommend any to me that work

I’ve especially been struggling with biology, I use the study habits that have worked for me in 7th and 8th grade, but I’ve failed every test so far, which has been horribly affecting my GPA and no longer making me eligible for certain clubs at school, help !!!

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8 months ago

There’s a difference between PASSIVE learning and ACTIVE learning; and studies have shown that ACTIVE learning reigns supreme for the retention of knowledge. But what does this mean? Here are some examples:

Passive Learning:

- rereading or highlighting notes you’ve taken in class

- reading straight from a textbook

- studying through flashcards such a quizlet

- watching a video or re-listening to a lecture

Active Learning:

- paraphrasing and subsequent summarizing class notes

- creating your own quizlet

- asking yourself questions that compel you to research/learn more

Never do this:

- Copy notes, either from lecture or from your own notes

- Use a pre-existing set of study cards—create your own

- read or highlight a textbook/notes without critical thinking

Good to do:

- create your own acronyms, abbreviations, etc.

- create a rhyme/song of concepts

By Active learning, I mean taking the initiative to recreate your studying rather than mindlessly adhering to information you already know. Why copy notes directly when you can paraphrase or summarize notes into your own words? Many people have become accustomed to this studying because it is most comfortable, it is easy, and it requires less of us. This will never work.

Allow me to suggest a small informational video about a former medical student and his experienced study habits: (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1JqFJdptTto).

8 months ago

Use the app flora, you grow a tree and if you go on your phone while working then if kills your tree! doesn't seem very helpful but trust me it does, also live study with me's really help

8 months ago

In the learning process, you need to know how to relate the parts together, recognize the levels of variation of mutation, genetics ... Not only study theory, but you have to really understand the nature of the applications. taste this knowledge.


8 months ago[edited]

I completely understand! I had the same problem going from middle school to high school and now doing college level work while in high school. Personally, I've found that the best way to study is to take notes and phrase the concept, question, etc. in many different ways so no matter how it's phrased, you'll be able to identify the term or concept. And it helps!! Also Quizlet is the best, because you can take tests from your study sets and be asked true or false, matching, and fill in the blank questions, which has really helped me!!

Reading out loud is really useful too, because you're using more than one of your senses. I record myself reading from a textbook and then go back and listen to it while silently reading along.

Hope that helps:)

8 months ago

Get rid of your phone. I cannot stress this enough. Turn it off, have your parents take it, charge it in another room, whatever you need. When you have your phone, you're thinking about when someone will text you or a million other things. You could also study somewhere outside the house. I know that kids are still doing online learning in some places, so if you have the opportunity to go to the library or Starbucks or somewhere without a bed, you are going to fare much better. This wasn't an option for me for a while, but I learned that wearing uncomfortable pants or shoes and stuff really does help. You could also get a study group together if you are allowed to gather with people, where you go over the highlights with each other.


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