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What to do re: minimum word count?

I am applying for a fairly selective research opportunity over the summer at a prestigious school so I really want my essay to be phenomenal. The essay mandates a minimum of 300 words and when I reached out about a maximum word count they said there is none so while I obviously don't want a 1ker I feel like a sub 350 word would come off as lacking effort. I'm confident that I have enough content to write up to 750 words but I am seeking advice. I was tentatively thinking low ~425.

The prompt if anyone cares is paraphrased to why are you interested and qualified and how will this help you with your career.


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9 months ago

I think having 400-500 words is a good balance. You definitely want to show enthusiasm, but you also don’t want to write so much that the admission officer doesn’t want to read the application. Best of luck!


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