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Do self-study AP tests count as classes on CollegeVine?

I am currently self-studying multiple AP tests and plan to do more next year. When inputting how many college classes I have taken throughout highschool on CollegeVine, would I put how many I have taken through my school excluding the exams, or do I count the exams as well?

Thanks a bunch.

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7 months ago

Self-study AP tests would not count as classes. Basically you're going to want to only count the classes you've taken during high school and that will show up on your high school transcript. That's not to say you can't include you self-studied and took multiple AP tests on your own on your college app but they shouldn't be considered as classes. Admission officers do not view taking an AP exam with the same weight as they would taking an AP class. Let me know if you have additional questions - happy to clarify anything I wrote here.


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