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How do I apply to an American University from South Africa ?

I am a sophomore living in Cape Town, South Africa - and I hope to one day study in the US. I do fairly well at school and participate well in my school community. However I’m clueless as to the college application system. I’m not even sure what IB/AP classes are or whether I’m doing them already. In addition, I take it I’d have to take the SAT and ACT. Would I be able to take it in South Africa ?

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2 years ago

Hi! I'm also an international student from Mexico that wishes to study in the US. The SAT is available in almost every country, so I believe you will be able to take it in CapeTown, as it is a big city. AP classes are not offered a lot outside of the US, but IB program is quite international. I would advise you to do a quick google search of "Cape Town IB" and "Cape Town SAT". Also, you can google "Applying to the US as an international student" and I'm sure you will find plenty of guides. There is an EducationUSA office in Cape Town and they can guide you through the whole application process. Good luck!


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