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How can I determine that I'm ready for 4 AP's?

Hello everyone,

I'm stretching my class selections pretty far because of how indecisive I'm being right now. I want to take 4 AP classes next year (bio, chem, comp sci -p, lang) and advance orchestra next year. I have an interest in all of them, and I believe taking these classes will open opportunities for research, the ability to tutor students, Science Olympiad, etc.

The thing is, I'm worried I'm not ready to handle them. I know AP Computer Principals is somewhat easy, but at my school the teacher described it as intermediate compared to other AP classes. I'm also not the best at orchestra, but I love it and am willing to work super hard for it. I will have completed the regular bio and chem classes before taking the ap version (with chem over the summer). I'll also be pursing some extracurriculars.

I'm pretty indecisive and am having a hard time determining if I'm ready for the challenge. Could anyone please share some advice on how to determine this?


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a tiny bit more info: I usually always turn in my work on time, however sometimes I do turn it in a day later. Latest was a week for orchestra since I wanted to perfect a song. Also, lately my work ethic has been going slightly downhill due to the stress and planning and stuff of my classes. I'm still afloat with A's though.

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7 months ago

I'm also applying for four AP's and an advanced music course next year as a sophmore (my work ethic has gone down a bit too-- you are not alone). I think the best thing to do if you're still unsure is to talk with a counselor or parent and think about how much time you're going to spending studying and doing homework for the AP classes and see how well that fits in with your schedule. If you think study and homework time for these classes is going to make extracuricullar activities difficult, then I would maybe just take 2 or 3 AP's instead of 4. Just remember; balance is key.

7 months ago

Hi there! As long as you pay attention in class and turn in all your assignments on time, you'll do fine in your AP classes. Since you're interested in all four classes, I believe it's the right decision for you to take all of them.

A few tips as to how to succeed in your AP classes:

- Make sure to stay organized; having a planner with all your assignments and tests in them can help you manage the workload.

- Reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone; all of that time could've been spent on studying for tests or finishing up assignments.

- Lastly, make sure to get enough sleep and try not to get too stressed out about your grades. A B is not the end of the world!

Overall, if you're trying to get into a selective college, taking multiple AP classes (especially if you're interested in them) can look really good on your college application. My advice is to go ahead and take those 4 AP's! Good luck!


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