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How Would You Rank The AP Classes At Your School?

There is often a lot of talk about AP class difficulty in any high school. Whether it is about what classes look the best on a college application or an easy credit pickup, I want to know what you all think about the AP classes in your school? Where they hard? Easy? Any study habits? I'm curious to see how much experiences are varied.

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7 months ago

Personally I found AP biology to be very easy simply due to my teacher and the kinds of test questions/assignments he gives, but also probably because I'm obsessed with bio and go above and beyond studying haha. I think I would say the exact opposite if I didn't like biology, so that just goes to show how important it is that you like a subject in order to do well in an AP class for it. I wish I could do AP lang but at my school I've heard it's extremely hard and time consuming, so I've decided against it. Instead I plan on doing AP chem next year, which should be a doable class as long as I put in the effort. I wish my school offered more of the artsy APs, like music theory or art history! Otherwise I think the courses available are pretty good. The 2 AP histories (WHAP and APUSH) are about equal at my school, generally just a lot of not difficult but just tedious work.

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Oh wow! I always thought that Biology was one of the hardest. It's really cool that you enjoy it. I have never taken an AP before, but I have signed up for AP Environmental Science, AP World History: Modern, and AP Computer Science Principles for my Sophomore year. Hopefully they go well. :)

7 months ago

I love that you are being so proactive as a freshman!! I think you will really enjoy all of those as long as they interest you!! AP world is pretty fun for the first half of the content, but then it starts to turn into an economics class, so be prepared for that haha. I hope you get the chance to do a lot of outdoors exploring for AP ES!

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@labelle I hope so too! Thank you so much! 😊


7 months ago

The hardest AP class at my school is AP Physics C (both Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism), with the next hardest being AP Calc BC and then AP Chem and AP Bio (I only took chem but my friends have said bio is just memorization and chem is actually understanding and applying concepts). I also took AP us gov, AP lit, and AP lang, but didn't find any of them to be too difficult, just interesting and actually kinda fun. I honestly haven't struggled in Calc BC at all, but I'm also pretty good at math and took a calc 1 summer course beforehand. AP Physics C has been rough for me, even with already having taken calculus, but it definitely looks good to colleges if you're going into a stem career, especially since not many schools offer AP Physics C, often just AP physics 1 or 2.


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