3 years ago
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I've been falling REALLY behind.

So, before covid, I was a pretty good student. My grades never dropped below a B- and I was juggling other things like housework, volunteering, and clubs at school. But after Covid hit, all that's changed. My grades have fallen drastically and because of that I'm now unable to join certain clubs, I have no time to focus on sports, and my parents are relentless.

Does anyone have a way that has worked for them to help alleviate all this work? Any study or focus habits, etc.

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3 years ago

I'm not sure how much this would help you, but I am able to keep my grades up by using a structured planner system. Especially the colored ones. Filling out exactly what you are going to do each day helps a lot. It is also great for improving your time management skills.

Also, I know right after remote learning you may feel tired after looking at a screen for so long and just want to relax, which is completely understandable (I have fallen victim to this). BUT! You generally feel most productive right after school since your brain is still awake. You won't feel great at first, but I recommend getting your homework done as soon as possible. I find that I feel super productive after about 20 minutes of work. Then, after everything is done, you won't feel stressed out and can relax without any worries.

Taking notes in classes can help as well, but make sure you are not writing down everything. Just write things down that you didn't know. Make sure you have a special spot and layout for your notes to keep everything organized.

These are tricks that work for me, but I know not everything will work for you as well. Don't be afraid to try anything out! Good luck! :)

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