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How will not being able to take the SAT right now affect the college application process?

With all of the Covid-19 issues going on right now, my SAT date has been cancelled. The worrisome part is that it wasn’t a national testing date but rather just a date that my school choose, April 14. We have no word on a new date or if we’re even going to take it. Will this make the college application process more difficult during the fall of should I just contact the college I’m planning on attending directly?

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2 years ago

Colleges will definitely be more lenient with SAT scores because of COVID. I know that BU and the UC schools are not requiring SAT scores for the 2020-2021 application round. So I would contact the admissions office of the college you are planning on attending and figuring out what they plan on doing. You can always sign up for the ACT for June 13 if ay school near you are offering it. There is also an SAT on June 6, so check nearby locations. Good luck!

2 years ago

Colleges are still probably trying to figure out how to handle this I'd imagine. I know Tufts has moved to test-optional for the next 3 years I believe and this change was made in part because of Covid-19. I'm guessing you're a junior? You're going to have opportunities to take the test again, it just might not be offered through your school. The June SAT still hasn't been cancelled and they also have test dates in August, October, and November.

You can definitely contact the schools you're interested in directly to see how they're planning on dealing with everything but I also imagine they have a lot on their plates right now so it might take a bit to get a good answer. Hopefully you can take the June or August exam but if not plan for the October one. If you're going to apply RD to a lot of schools you can probably get your scores back in time for the November exam but that should be a last resort.


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