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which applications should I do first?

I haven't finalized my list and I'm probably going to get rid of a few, but, right now, I have four safety schools, five targets, three hard targets, and one reach. Should I start with my reach/hard targets, should I do the schools that I actually care about getting into (they're mostly targets/hard targets), or should I do the safety schools first to just get them out of the way? Or, actually, should I do the ones that I plan on applying for early action? (I don't plan on doing any early decision). However, I feel like I don't need to worry about doing early action applications first if I start early enough. Also, just a quick side question, do I have to wait until after the early action/decision deadline to submit an application for regular decision or can I just go ahead and submit it when I'm done?


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I would recommend starting with the ones with the earliest deadlines (EA applications) and the ones you’re most interested in, that way you get all your applications in without rushing and also have a lot of time to work on the ones for schools you really want to go to. If you’re starting really early, like now for next years admission cycle, you can start the ones you’re interested in and then work on the EA ones as those deadlines get closer. You can submit regular decision applications at any point, just make sure in the Common App (or whatever application system you’re using) you click on the option for regular decision (there’s usually a question drop down in that school’s application)


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