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How good are MUNs as extracurriculars?


I want to study something related to politics or international relations, and I wanted to know how significative would Models of United Nations be to my application process

(I'm an international student and I really wanted to go to a Uni from Ivy League).

Until my application, I would have probably attended around 20 MUNs, including Yale MUN (my dream university). I am also in the secretariat of a MUN, and this year I'm gonna take over as its Secretary-General.

How good would that look in my application? Is my relationship with MUNs just an okay and expected activity for students with my target majors and colleges or can it be significant?

@Elenadg9 months ago

Hi! I unfortunately can't answer your question, because I am in the same situation as you. I'm an international student to and I would like to study international relations in the future. Do you know which undergraduate course I should take? Thanks for you time!

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9 months ago


I, too, am an avid MUNner. They do help in securing a certain amount of credibility in the college admissions process (as far as what I've heard), but to really stand out in terms of MUNning, or if you plan to pursue MUNs as your sole EC up until your application, you need to delve into a realm nobody else has explored before. The college admissions process is inundated with thousands of applications having Model UN as an EC, but you must show unparalleled interest in it to really stand out. Perhaps try attending more than 30 by the time of your application, try becoming an assistant director at a world-class MUN (ILMUNC, HMUN, Yale MUN etc.), help out and train junior delegates. MUNs are a very versatile extracurricular, and if you have a genuine interest in it-as opposed to using it as a college app booster- you will discover new ways to stand out and make it shine on your application.

Hope you get into your dream college. :)



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