7 months ago
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Is Mock Trial a good extracurricular if you want to go into the medical field?

I am interested in doing Mock Trial next year, but I am unsure if this will benefit me for a science/healthcare major in undergrad. A lot of people have suggested Model UN, but that organization does not really interest me. Mock Trial seems more fun.


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7 months ago

There are certain things you should do that line up with your major and others to do as an interest. You could use Mock Trial as a way to learn how to put forth your opinion on new laws and bills regarding science and healthcare. You can maybe start a forum or something which shows initiative to talk about different laws and bills in science and healthcare to tie in the Mock Trial to the rest of your application. It can be something you join because you have strong opinions about healthcare and want to have your voice heard. This way, colleges can see why it makes sense for your personality and the forum idea will make you be a self starter and seem passionate. At the same time, pls don't join something just because it will look good. You should have some level of interest in it or the output won't be as good as it could be.(which you seem to have in mock trail so that's good:))


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