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What to do I am very worried about my college release results

What to do I am very worried about my college release results

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3 years ago

My action plan for you.

1. The odds are good you will get in somewhere because you, like most applicants, applied to a variety of schools including safeties. And they are called safeties so when the decisions come out, you will safely land somewhere.

2. Make sure not to take it personally if you don't get accepted into your top choices. This is the most difficult admissions cycle in the history of admissions cycles. Some schools like Colgate received 102% more applications than last year. No one anticipated this so brace yourself. It's best that everyone understands that if twice as many people apply it's twice as hard to get in compared to last year, on average. When there are so many applicants to choose from, the admissions team can "cherry-pick" exactly who they want for their Freshman class. You might get picked because you play the Bassoon and they need a Bassoonist. Or you might lose your spot because they need a good Water Polo goalie. Remember, many highly qualified applicants get passed over because of ECs, spikes, and other factors out of their control because they followed their passions.

3. Remember this saying. "Where you go, doesn't define you!" Most of the most successful people in the world didn't go to Ivys, Elites, or their top choice schools. What made them successful is that in spite of NOT having the door open for them, is that they learned to find other doors that were not shut. And if they were shut, they learned to open them through hard work, determination, and other factors. What you do and how well you can do it defines your success in life. There will always be smarter students ahead of you and like a game of chess, you can always improve your position on the board even if you made some blunder in your opening game.

4. In the worst-case scenario, if you don't get into any schools, all is not lost. You will just apply next cycle and have a better application because you will have an extra year of experience, ECs, course rigor, etc. Whether you graduate with the Class of '25 or Class of '26 doesn't matter, what matters is that you use your time here on our planet to forge the best friendships and relationships you can and use your time productively to the best of your ability.

Fingers and toes crossed for you. And if you get blessed into a great school, please share that as a follow up.

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