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I could've taken 2 ap classes in sophomore year but decided not to. Will this look bad?

Here is a bit of context: I am a freshman and when it came time to decide which classes to take for tenth grade, I could’ve taken AP Biology and AP World History but chose to wait until junior year. The reason why I did this is that I believe that it’ll be better for me to take them during junior year. Next year, I’ll be taking Physics Honors, Geometry Honors, English 2 Honors, World History(my high school does not offer honors world history), and Japanese at my local community college. Will this look bad to the college admissions officers? How much of a negative impact would it have on me getting into a good college?

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8 months ago

While colleges look at the general total of classes you've taken, most mainly focus on Junior Year. Since that is the most recent year on your transcript, they base the majority of their scrutiny on that year. By taking honors courses in sophomore year, you're already getting yourself prepared for AP. Do the best you can next year and you'll be alright!


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