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Do colleges ask for all your test results?


Do colleges ask for all of your taken standardized tests or can you choose which ones you send? I heard from someone that even if I score differently on the ACT the second time, colleges will be able to view (or ask for) all of my attempts. Is this true or can I choose which scores colleges can view?

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9 months ago

You're not required to send them all tests taken, however, doing so could be advantageous. Check to see if the schools you are applying to offer super scoring, which is where they'll look at all tests and average only the highest sections to give you the best possible overall score. For instance, if you took the ACT twice, and both times you got a 25, but on one test you did awesome in reading and science, and the other test you excelled in math and writing, they'll give you a new composite score derived from the highest sections on each test.


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