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What classes will you be taking next year?

Doesn't have to be AP classes, or anything. Doesn't even have to be classes next year. Feel free to share the classes you're taking atm, or last year, or whatever. Let's just talk classes!

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7 months ago

Im gonna be a senior and Ill take:

AP Calc AB

AP Lit

AP French

AP Spanish

AP Physics 1

Its all we have :)

🎤7 months ago

Wow nice! Two languages.

7 months ago

Spanish and English are both my mother tongues :)


7 months ago

Next year (sophomore) BTW I go to an IB school so MYP is just like pre-IB, so kind of like honors and these are classes offered, we don't get to choose

-MYP English 11

- MYP Honors Algebra 2

- MYP Spanish 4

- MYP History

- MYP Economics

-MYP Advanced Orchestra

-MYP Honors Chemistry

-MYP EPIC (IB specific class)


7 months ago

Hi! Next year (my Sophomore year), I will be taking:

- English 10 Honors

- Algebra 2

- AP Computer Science Principles

- AP Environmental Science

- AP World History: Modern

- Chemistry Honors

- Spanish 3

7 months ago

I'm also going to be a sophomore next year, and I'm going to take:

AP Biology

AP Calculus AB

AP World History: Modern

AP Computer Science A

English 10

Spanish 3

Journalism 2


7 months ago

Senior next year. I will be taking:

AP English Literature & Comp

AP Japanese

AP Physics C

AP Biology

MG Differential Equation & Multivariable

MG Microbiology & Analytical Chemistry

MG Astronomy(semester only)

MG Marine Biology (semester only)

US Government

Senior Capstone project (weighted course)

Magnet course on college entry level

Finished AP Latin this year and completed AP EuroHist & AP Human Geo for higher level soc. studies already (but it is not my main focus, so I am just going with US Hist & US Gov as my relaxation breather classes).


7 months ago

I'll be a senior next year.

IB Biology HL

IB English HL

IB History of the Americas HL


IB Spanish SL

IB Theory of Knowledge

AP Environmental Science


7 months ago

Hi! Over the summer I'm taking 2 online courses: Physical Science 1 Honors and Physics 1 Honors

For next year (senior year) I am taking:

AP Lit

AP Stats

AP Macroeconomics (1 semester) / AP Government (1 semester)

AP Chemistry or AP Physics 1, I can't decide (if anybody has any input please let me know)

Health Science Honors - this is my schools medical program and it takes up 3 periods


7 months ago[edited]


-IB English HL

-IB Math AA SL

-IB French HL

-IB Biology HL

-IB Psych SL

-IB History of Americas HL

-IB Chem SL

-IB Theory of Knowledge

-Intro to business at CC

Hope this contributes well...this is mostly what my school offers for IB as well.


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