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How can I get involved in research at a local University as a shadow?

I'm very interested in research and want to really get used to the process. I also want to shadow a research because of the experience and the fact that it looks good on my resume. I've seen stories of people who Emailed professors at a local University and were allowed to shadow at research labs. How do I find these professors? and how do I get their Email?

How would you recommend I put my email, if and when I send one to a professor?

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2 years ago

Find a university that you can commute to OR have family nearby (presuming shelter in place is lifted). Go to the university website to the department you are interested in. You will find a list of professors, their PhD candidates or MS candidates and links to research they are doing and their emails. Find the ones who's work REALLY interests you. Read about it, the papers they published get into the details. Once you get to know their field of research, ask yourself do you have any questions about it? Do you want to learn more? Might you be interested in studying this field? If so, contact the professor with a brief, professional email and let them know you are intrigued by their work and can they direct you to how best to learn more about it?

Could you attend one of their lectures or have a BRIEF phone call etc. DO NOT ask for an intern position at this stage.

You need to develop a genuine rapport with someone first. If things go well, you might be able to ask about volunteering for their lab. Good luck! You will get a lot of nos before you get a yes and that's a good thing because it weeds out those who are 'just doing it for their resume'.


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