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What else should I do to prepare for college?

I have always been on top of my grades since I was young and I have straight A's as of now (Freshman Year). I am in one honors course (ELA). I am in six different curriculars : Class of 2024 (Public Relations), Key Club (Volunteer Member), Yearbook Club (Club member), Drama Club (I have had lead roles previously), Pathways (A group that does activities with kids with disabilities including bowling and baseball), and I work as a camp counselor during the summer. Is there anything else I should do as a freshman and sophomore? Thank you and have a nice day.

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I honestly, do not think there is anything you need to add as a freshman. You have pretty decent grades and you are challenging yourself in school, and have tons of extracurricular. I would just make sure that you stay consistent with your extracurricular activities all four years if possible to show dedication. You do have some leadership in your extracurricular that is good as well. Do you have an idea as to what you want to major in? If so, maybe you can find some extracurricular that are related to your extracurricular activities. I hope this helped!


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