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Not sure what to do when waitlisted to UC


I've recently been waitlisted to a decent UC school, however, am unsure how to go about responding to prompt of 'Why this school' question and how to go about considering the school in the future. I've been accepted into another decent UC school as well, however, I have to submit intent to register for the school I was accepted to at the same time I should expect a decision from the school I was waitlisted to. I am quite honestly, not sure how to handle the situation mainly because I haven't ever received any prior guidance on how to deal with being waitlisted. If anyone has general advice or any advice specific to UCs, I would love to hear to hear it.

Thank you


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9 months ago

Hey! I know this is a little late but I'm sure it will still help.

1.)Definitely accept a spot on the waitlist if you still really want to go to the school. For your essay, I would look into a specific part of the school you can get involved in (i.e. is their a professor that is researching something that interests you and you would want to help them with their research? Is their a unique club that you can see yourself getting involved in? Try to explain also how you will give back to the university). I would also investigate the chances of getting off the waitlist. Sometimes, it can be lower than the actual admissions. Don't let this discourage you though! If you are able to, I would tell them anything that can help your chances of getting in (a better GPA, any test scores, any extracurriculars, etc.)

2.)ACCEPT THE SPOT AT THE OTHER SCHOOL. You don't want to be without a school for the fall! This will not hurt your chances of getting off the waitlist of the other school. I would continue as if you aren't on any waitlist. Really be realistic about yourself and try to remain positive and excited about the school you got into.

3.)If you do get off the waitlist and into the school, congrats!!! Really revaluate if you do want to go into this school. If yes, accept the spot off the waitlist, pay any deposits (make sure you are really in) then tell your current school you will not be attending (you probably will not get any deposit money back from the school you previously accepted, so really consider that) also, as long as you have no written contracts from the university (i.e. you're not an D1 or D2 athlete) it is not illegal to withdraw from a college (even if you paid your deposit, so no worries, you won't be getting sued!). Colleges are a business, so they understand. If you do not want to go to your waitlisted school, tell them asap so that another student can get off the waitlist.

I hope this helps! :)


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