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IB vs AP

Hi everyone!

I'm a junior from Colombia. I am a part of many minorities which are: women, Latino (white-passing), and queer. I wanted to ask about IB courses, which are the only ones that my school offers. From what I've gathered, Ib courses are even more demanding than AP courses, and yet they don't have college credit? Is this true?

Also, I've applied to do the SAt 3 times already, and they have all been canceled because of covid. Will this, truly, affect my chances? I mean, do colleges like Columbia in New York think less of the students who apply tests optional?

Thank you!

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7 months ago

So, with AP classes, if you take the exam and score more than the qualifying score (3 is a qualifying score), you can send your scores directly to the colleges you want to send them to. With IB classes, you take the examination and send it to the colleges. Even if SATs play a big role in college applications, other things like extracurricular activities, GPA, AP/IB/Honors classes and etc also play a role in your applications. So, I don't think colleges like Columbia and New York would think less of the students who apply test-optional because many people have been trying to take the SAT but have been notified that their test has been canceled because of Covid. I really hope this helps!!

Good Luck!!!


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