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I want to apply to Columbia and Boston U.'s Summer Programs, but I am an international student and very unfamiliar with the process. So, a few questions:

1. I recently finished 9th grade, so no APs. I'm planning to take a few and have mentioned those, but will not taking APs set me back?

2.I don't have any stem related extracurriculars since we don't have the option of creating clubs here. Will that hinder my application? Is there anything I can mention to assist my application?

Please help, thank you!

8 months ago

Do you know what specific programs you want to apply for? It looks like there are different options for both schools and I want to make sure my answer is relevant to the program you actually want to go to.

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The Columbia Summer Immersion

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8 months ago

1) No, I don't think not taking APs will set you back for your application. You've only just finished 9th grade and, at least where I grew up in the US, it was pretty rare for a freshman to have taken any APs. Both programs mention academic motivation as being something they look for in an applicant so demonstrating that you will be taking APs should be fine.

2) I don't think the fact you don't have any STEM extracurriculars will hurt you. I didn't look through every program Columbia offered but it looks like the applications for that are based more on academic history, essays, and letters of recommendation. It's possible the specific program you want to apply for asks for more info and if it does I'm happy to edit my answer. The BU program only requires your transcript and an essay so again, I don't think no STEM extracurriculars will hurt.


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