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People accepted to UMich -what did you do?

Hi there!

I am currently a sophomore and my dream school is the University of Michigan. I hope to major in Psychology on a pre-med track. I was wondering what anyone who got into UMich did to get in, and if you feel comfortable sharing. I don't think you have to worry about being flagged for "bragging," because I asked this question.

Thank you so much in advance and have a wonderful rest of your day!


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I was recently accepted to the college of engineering, along with a lot of my friends to a variety of colleges within UMich. I did have the benefit of being an in state student, and about 33% of applicants from my high school are accepted to UMich. I was an active member on my school’s robotics team, holding multiple leadership positions. I also participated in concert and marching band, tutoring younger students, NHS, and a variety of smaller activities. I took 8 AP classes (about 40% of what my school offers, UMich is looking for at least 33%) and one summer college course. UMich unweights your GPA and recalculates it, so it’s important to have a high unweighted GPA, or a very difficult class rigor to make up for a lower one. I submitted my sat score of 1540, and my unweighted gpa of 4.0. My “why Michigan” essay was basic, just about the opportunities I planed to take advantage of there, but the community essay is super super important. They ask you to talk about a community you’re a part of, and this is how you show your personality. I wrote mine about the sustainable fashion community and what I do to participate in it. You can write it about absolutely anything, the more unique the better, as long as it’s truthful to your personality and answers the prompt. Having a strong letter of rec is also important, I submitted one from my math teacher/robotics head coach, and one from my band teacher (counted as a non teacher recommendation because it wasn’t from a core class). Good luck with your application in the future!

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Most who get into elite or similar colleges won't be on CollegeVine...

I recommend you go on youtube and search 'how i got into U of M'

Be careful, though, you will fall down a rabbit hole of these and start comparing yourself.


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