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My chances of getting into Cornell University as a transfer


I'm currently in my second out of four semesters at a community college. the GPA of my first semester was a 3.7 and in my second semester, I'm looking at either a 3.7 or a 4.0. I've done a decent amount of community service I'm an Eagle Scout and volunteered at my local fire department. I also went into NYC a few times with my church to help out the homeless and other people in need. A few years ago I ran a petition that amassed over 6,500 signatures. What are my chances of getting in with these credentials?


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You seem to have very strong extracurriculars that make you stand out. In your essays, make sure to highlight the petition and how it impacted you. Your GPA is also strong but let's hope it's closer to 4.0. Make sure you have amazing rec letters so start looking around for people now. I feel like it's harder for transfers but you spent your time wisely and engaged in your community to make a difference. Just make sure that you write excellent essays and have your rec letters be spectacular and you have a pretty solid ahance.

Thank you for the response, hope you and your family are healthy during this strange time. Currently, I know two people that go there so I have two proofreaders for my essay and plan on doing a visit at some point.
Alright that sounds perfect, I wish you luck with admissions! Stay safe!