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what are the admission requirements for hawaii college?

Hello, I am a highschool student from Romania (Europe) and I want to apply for college in Hawaii. What are the main admission requirements in general?

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Typically US schools are not as strict on course requirements as European countries tend to be when it comes to majors (for instance, one can apply for engineering or an applied science major without having taken physics or calculus despite both being encouraged). ALL US schools for the most part have the same or similar requirements that are indicated by the link below;


Also, there isn't a school called Hawaii college. I suppose you just mean any college in Hawaii. The link above is one of the more renowned schools in Hawaii, University of Hawaii- Manoa and will help as a bar set for students such as yourself when applying to the US.

The main things to keep in mind is that the US university admissions tends to be more subjective than those of other countries. Hence, make sure to pay attention to the following supplements;

Letter of Recommendation (at least 2- one from a maths or science teacher and one from a humanities or english teacher. Feel free to send more if you like)

Supplemental Essays (The main one to focus on is the common app essay prompts. These impact your application HEAVILY. I would recommend that you start this early in your grade 11 year)

Course requirements are already in the link. Hope this helps!


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