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What are college requirements for an indian student who wants to study medicine in usa

I am a junior and I wanna be ready when the for the colleges there


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3 years ago

Hi, if you wish to study medicine to be a doctor, first you have to complete your undergraduate education and receive a Bachelors's Degree. It doesn't have to be in science or math. You can study anything and earn a degree in Psychology or Asian Studies. During the last year of your 4 year degree, you take a standardized test called the MCAT. This test like the SAT is administrated by CollegeBoard.org so you can take it in the US or India or any other country. Just like applying to undergraduate programs, applying to medical schools are the same. You have to have good grades, test scores, recommendations, and be of good character as evidenced through your extracurriculars and personal interests, and community service.

Alternatively, you can apply to a BS/MD program and instead of 8 years of college, you can save a year. These are incredibly difficult to get into even for the smartest students. Some BS/MD programs have a 2-3% acceptance rate and we are not talking about Ivy League schools here but colleges like Boston University.

Therefore, focus on getting into the best college you can first, and then you can decide whether you want to pursue a medical degree after your 2nd or 3rd year.

Hope that was helpful.

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