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how do I do an appeal for rejection administration

I got a rejection to all the university that I applied and had a 4.2 GPA have someone did an appeal and it worked my major is science

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3 years ago

Read this very informative article on college appeals.


First of all, I have 2 immediate things to say about your question.

1.) Many good colleges these days use a holistic review process with regards to evaluating a candidate. This means that in addition to meeting the academic threshold for GPA and other criteria, you may be evaluated on your essays, extracurriculars, community service record, work experience, recommendations, interview, talents, and awards, etc. So having a high GPA doesn't explain the whole applicant or the context from which the applicant comes from. For example, if you have a 4.2 GPA from the Bronx HS of Science that means a lot more than a 4.2 GPA from the Metropolitan HS in Brooklyn NY which is ranked 11,603. Why? The academic standards are different at each and every high school in the US and around the world. So GPA only truly means that you excelled at your HS and you can't really compare GPA to anyone except to those who are at your school. The GPAs at HS in different zip codes with different demographics can't necessarily be compared as an apple to apples. Someone might have a 4.2 GPA, a 5.6 GPA, and 3.6 GPA but they are all the same in terms of course rigor or 3 people will 4.2 GPAs may all be a different caliber of student.

2. My second observation which might be due to your sense of urgency to wordsmith this question is that you have made many grammatical errors in your 2 sentences written. The first sentence. Are you rather trying to ask- "How would I go about appealing my rejections to college admissions departments?"

And the second sentence. "I received rejections from all the universities I applied to. My GPA is a 4.2. My intended major is science. I would like information on writing an appeal letter."

If you wrote your application essays and short answers with similar grammatical and punctuation mistakes, I think you have your answer already.

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