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β€’ 04/04/2020 at 10:29PM[edited]

EGE and EFL summer program of FTE (Foundation for Teaching Economics)

I found a few summer programs in Either EFL (Economics For Leaders) or EGE (Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy) looks selective and very competitive by offering great courses and practices. I am wondering that programs are worth of my college applications. I am going to major in either Econ or Business in college.

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β€’ 04/06/2020 at 09:15PM

This is a great question! I went to the site to look at the programs you specifically mentioned but they wanted me to make an account so I left. But, I can definitely help answer your question about what programs are worth it.

Generally speaking the best looking programs for a college application are programs that are free and have a competitive application process. Being selected for one of these programs shows that you're committed (because you put in the time and effort of the application) and it looks good because the program isn't accepting anyone just because they can pay. The next best programs are ones which are free but might not have a very competitive application process. This can still look good on your application and I'd still apply to them if you find some. The ones that don't make an impact on your application are the ones which are paid and don't have an application process (everyone gets in). These programs aren't great because they don't really speak to your abilities at all and are more about who can afford to go.

I found this article which I think might be helpful for you: Good luck!