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I want to attend a stem research internship but can't find one


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8 months ago

There are a lot of research internships! Unfortunately, many of them have had their deadlines pass, but here are a few notable ones:

- SSP (Summer Science Program)

- RSI (Research Science Institute)

- Clark Scholars

- Beaverworks (this one is still open!)

- Cosmos (only for SoCal)

- NASA Internships (this might be open?)

- SuMaC, Promys, Ross (math camps)

- SIP (this one is at UCSC and is really cool!)

- MIT MITES (for underserved or underrepresented students)

- MMSS (rolling, so you can still apply!)

Since it's somewhat past the deadline for most of these, try cold emailing nearby professors to help out at their lab!

8 months ago

I'm sure there are several available- just try to search more or explore different ways to search for one!

1.Try asking your peers, teachers, guidance counsellors etc.

2.Due to COVID, there are many options available for online internships. Explore those!

3.Check out the websites of local universities / research centres and call them up to ask about internships: this shows genuine self-driven interest :)


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