10 months ago
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What kind of extracurricular activities does wharton look for?

I'm a current junior who is considering applying ED to Upenn Wharton but I'm not sure if my ecs are strong enough.

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10 months ago

Hello! Although I was admitted into the College of Arts and Sciences, I've heard that you don't necessarily have to have "business ECs" to get into Wharton. Penn really values community service ECs that you are truly dedicated to and have amassed leadership roles in. Clubs at school that you have leadership roles in are really valuable, and internships and other experience in the field mean a lot as well. Try reaching out to local businesses/organizations that relate to your intended major/career path and ask if they are looking for any interns! Although cold emails like this can be tedious, it only takes one person to say yes for your entire college application to change.

In short, look for leadership roles. Every top university wants this! Make sure your ECs continue to tell your "story," and show that you're passionate about something! Best of luck!


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