2 years ago
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I really want to do Biochemistry at Brown University but I'm not sure if I should take physics during my IB year?

I'm going to be entering 11th grade in July and I'm worried because I'm taking IB classes and in that I've got to drop one science and I don't really like physics but I'm not sure if it's really needed for doing a biochemistry major... if it isn't then I would like to go for bio and chem but i don't know if its a good idea...

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2 years ago

As an IB student taking SL Physics myself, I can pretty conclusively say that IB Physics would be relatively useless in your field. Even if you intend to go into physical biochemistry, the IB Physics course is not calculus-based, which makes it pretty pointless in the long run. If you do need physics, you'll end up taking calculus-based physics in college whether or not you take algebra-based physics in high school. I would advise you to stick to bio and chem.


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