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What are some research opportunities I can access as a junior?

I'm a junior in high school who's planning on going into STEM. I have some solid extracurriculars, but I'm looking to participate in some research-orientated ones. I don't know what would be accessible for me at this time. I have access to a local 4 year university as my parent works there, so I can always speak to administration there.

I'm just wondering what opportunities I should be looking for and how those will affect my application.

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2 years ago

A lot of STEM based laboratories near me offer internships around this time for students to complete in the summer. My high school sends out information about some of the internships but I think you can also look at university websites to see if they are offering anything. Good luck!

2 years ago


There are 2 ways you can go about landing a research position:

1) through internships from private organisations - this is a relatively easier method

2) By emailing professors asking to be a part of their research - this is going to take a long time but once you get one, it will be very rewarding

a year ago


Well first off as a junior you should definitely law out a spreadsheet or lists of scholarships to start applying for and then ones you can apply for when your officially a senior and starting your application process.

You should also grant yourself time to look into internships to gain skills and improve your apps.

You should also reach out to your guidance counselor and make sure your transcript is lined up as well.


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