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Intended major doesn't totally align with my extracurriculars. Will this be a problem?


Thank you in advance for any advice.

I am currently a high-school junior and in college, I want to study poli-sci and econ. My academics are solid (4.0/1570+tons of AP) and I'm decent at writing, so my essays will hopefully be ok.

Here's the (potential) problem: I want to study poli-sci and econ, but I'm much better at STEM subjects. My extracurriculars for STEM are relatively strong--I've done AIME, national science bowl, and a bunch of comp sci/cybersecurity contests. By contrast, I really haven't done much in the areas I want to study (basically just one econ research competition). Will this be a problem? Would it be better for me to keep doing what I'm doing and rack up some really nice STEM accolades, or should I redirect my time and effort to activities in my intended major, even if I won't do as well?

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3 years ago


I don't think that this will impact you as much if your stats are as strong as you say. I have a classmate who's a senior this year and applied to several colleges asking for a major in finance even though he spent the entirety of high school focusing on medicine. He ended up getting into several Ivy leagues and having the opportunity to take the major that he wanted. I think that colleges understand that 14 - 18 year old teenagers won't be 100% sure about the major that they want to take in the future and that the major that is chosen shouldn't impact admissions. I wish you good luck!

3 years ago

Hi! According to the background you have provided, I don't think this is impact a lot. Especially because a lot of students apply to colleges even when they are unsure what they want to do. Colleges completely understand that a teenager is unlikely to be completely sure of what they want to do. So I would suggest to go for what you really want to study and good luck!

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