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What gpa would I put on my collegevine profile?

On college vine profile, would I put my unweighted GPA from 9th-12th or use only 10th-11th since that's what the UC GPA calculates? Thanks!

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7 months ago

Since CollegeVine is not a UC-specific chancing engine, it wouldn't be good to make the assumption that if you only put your 10th/11th GPA that you'd get an accurate percentile range for UC schools. If the CollegeVine engine has some programming code that discounts the 9th through 11tth or 9th through 12th GPA to account for how UC schools tabulate their own internal UC GPA, then I would allow the CV chancing engine to do its thing but entering your current UWGPA.

I hope that helps.

7 months ago

I would use your 9th-12th unweighted GPA because it is your high school course snapshot. Your weighted only correlates with AP, Honors, and other similar courses. Your unweighted is everything else (which is the basic classes everyone will take). Most colleges only look at your unweighted, but you'd have to research the ones that look at weighted GPAs.


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