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Hi everybody! I applied to school around mid/late January and haven’t heard anything back except that my application was received. Should I be worried??? Everyone is telling me that I should’ve heard something back by now.

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The school is Clark Atlanta university.

@LilyNDash10 months ago [edited]

The have a rolling admissions system so you probably should contact the school today and asked the why most people that applied in January have already heard back.

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10 months ago

Honestly, no one on CollegeVine can help you if you don't share the name of the college (s) you applied to. There are 4300 colleges and each one has a different decision date.

I'm including a link to the most popular top 100 colleges and their decision dates. Hopefully, it's one of those schools on the list. If you applied to an Ivy League or Elite College, they are coming out this week and next. Ivy day is April 6th, 2021.


Good luck.


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