4 years ago
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Do you think College Confidential is a toxic website?

Just asking for personal opinions because i was curious...


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4 years ago

In my opinion, however, it can become toxic if you are constantly comparing yourself to students who post Chance Mes on there. In that sense, yes College Confidential is toxic. Remember, students on CC are often the top 10%.

Let's look at an example (not real)

Hello, my name is Sam. I was wondering if I could get into any colleges with these terrible credentials. Will someone please help me!?

Here it goes: 6.0 GPA (on 4.0 scale); Perfect SATs; President of 5 clubs and Vice President of another 3; Started 2 new clubs; Valedictorian of cohort; 5 hours of Community Service every week bar Sundays; Volunteered in Lagos to build homes; Wrote a Pulitzer Prize-ready College Application essay; Phenomenal recommendations from Michelle Obama; Captain of Ice Hockey, Soccer, Tennis and Rugby; Conductor of Jazz Band; Fluent in Greek, French, Chinese and Spanish.

Do you think I am ready for community college?

Imagine if someone responds: No 4.0 GPA? You’re out. Only President of 2 clubs? Get out of here. Asian without a perfect SAT? Good luck even getting an interview.

There are people there that will lie and feed into your insecurities. I would stay away from those threads.

Other than that, the people on CC can be very kind and helpful, but you do need to keep in mind that it is a public forum, and people can post anything. I would make sure you use common sense if you want to go on that site. I have gotten some amazing advice from CC, and I would recommend it to anyone as long as they are careful!

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