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Computer Science Subject Requirements


I am currently residing in Singapore and am doing my A-levels. I wish to apply to undergraduate computer science course but am not able to locate the subject and grade requirements for my particular course. I am also doubtful whether I should take further math or not. Could someone please help me out on whether further math is required as well as what subjects are required for admission into computer science through A levels.


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8 months ago

So if you're looking to study computer science at Brown you do not need to take certain courses in high school or meet certain grade requirements in order to study computer science. In fact, Brown does not even have course specific requirements that you need to complete in order to apply. Here's a little snippet from their website which I think will be helpful:

"you should take all of the fundamental courses that are essential preparation for university-level studies. Ideally, Brown undergraduates will have studied a foreign language for four years (or the equivalent). Studies will have included biology, physics, and chemistry and a higher level math. Applicants planning to concentrate in science, math or engineering will certainly benefit from more advanced courses in their area of interest.

Students who stretch themselves in one or more academic areas will stand out among applicants who choose a less demanding route. We are looking for students who are exceptionally eager to learn and willing to accept academic challenges. Brown also encourages the study of music and art.

The fundamental curriculum for college-bound students often includes the following coursework:

English - 4 years; Math - at least 3 years, preferably 4 years; Science - at least 3 years, including 2 years of lab science; Social Studies - at least 2 years of history, including American history; and Foreign Language - at least 3 years, preferably 4 years of a single language." So for your case, even though it isn't required, I think it would make sense to take further math courses. Want to know how you can prepare for Brown more? Check here: https://admission.brown.edu/ask/preparing-brown

Now in terms of studying computer science at Brown, you will need to pick a concentration (basically their idea of majors). There are a couple of computer science concentrations offered at Brown. I'm not going to discuss them individually because this will get to long but I'll post links so you can learn about them.

Applied Mathematics - Computer Science: https://www.brown.edu/undergraduateconcentrations/applied-mathematics-computer-science-scb

Computer Science: https://www.brown.edu/undergraduateconcentrations/computer-science-ab-scb

Computer Science - Economics: https://www.brown.edu/undergraduateconcentrations/computer-science-economics-ab-scb

Mathematics - Computer Science: https://www.brown.edu/undergraduateconcentrations/mathematics-computer-science-scb

Those links will help you learn the goals of each concentration and you can also see the required courses you will need to take (while at Brown, not before). This can be helpful so you can figure out 1) which concentration, if any, you want to pursue and 2) what classes or extracurriculars you might want to take while still in high school in order to be prepared for Brown.

Hope this helped answer the question! Let me know if you have further questions.


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