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Academic rigor and AP classes

I will have taken 4 AP classes all together, 3 honors and 2 college courses with a 4.06 gpa. How is my academic rigor? I am late to realizing the importance of AP classes and am taking one now as a junior and three as a senior but there are 18 offered at my school. I am considering taking additional online AP classes at an online accredited high school APEX but am not sure if this or taking community college classes is better. Any suggestions? I am going test optional as testing centers have been closed for a year. Thank you.

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@Donovan_Little033 years ago

In contrast, I've taken 6 honors classes, 1 AP, and 3 College courses. There are 27 AP courses offered at my school, but I chose what was best for ME. Just because there are 27 courses, doesn't mean I need to take 20 or more, you know? Whatever floats your boat is the path you go down.

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It is good to hear that perspective as well. I really appreciate your post. Thank you.

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3 years ago

The greatest tip any teacher has told me. It is better to excel in normal classes than be mediocre in advanced classes. I think your academic vigor paired with that stunning gpa will get you places. I am in my junior year and I have taken 7 AP's so far and let me tell you, they are VERY hard to balance, even for some of our brightest. I put that advice at the beginning because I don't want you to over exert your self and burnout. This may be your last summer wth friends and family, don't spend it all in doors. Though it seems like you've made up your mind, so if you do decide to take those online AP courses, you need to make sure you are pacing yourself correctly. The AP tests shows no mercy. I think that at this point this far into high school, submerging yourself in AP's is not the best allotment of time. If you want to increase your chances of getting into the college you want, go involve yourself in community service, Take classes that are rooted in the major you are thinking about. Join a club related to them. Start a club on your interest. Involve yourself in school politics. I think you should do these instead of taking up all that time studying for AP's.

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