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What does this question mean? "How many classes do you plan to complete by the end of senior year (12th grade)?"

I'm a bit confused. I can only take six courses in IB, but for some schools, it says that my coursework needs some improvement. What does this mean? How can I improve?

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9 months ago

"How many classes do you plan to complete by the end of senior year (12th-grade)?" This question may seem ambiguous, but it's really asking you (based on what CollegeVine gives you) how many AP/IB, Honors, and College courses will you have aggregated by the end of your high school career. The 6 IB courses you mentioned, did you take all 6? If so, you would put 6 into the box. Do you have any Honors classes available at your school? If not, put 0 into the box. If so, put the number of classes that you took. Did you take any college courses? If not, put 0 into the box, if so, put the number of courses you took. When a school says your "coursework needs some improvement", this means that you need to try to take more advanced courses. If none are available at your school, then you'll have to work with what you have (the 6 IB courses available).

9 months ago

Hi, I'm pretty sure that question is asking about your APs, IBs, Honnors and College level classes that you took throughout HS. If your school only offers 6 classes you can add that as well and the calculator will adjust to this statistic. But even if the calculator proceeds to say that your coursework needs improvement you don't need to worry, most colleges, if not all, will evaluate you based on how you took advantage of the opportunities you had, so if your school only offers 6 IBs and you take all of them it will probably be ok. Hope I helped :)


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