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Denied at Safety Schools, Waitlisted at A Reach


I have browsed through a few websites for this but wanted an informed perspective about my personal situation.

I am a senior from India applying as an international student that is in need of financial aid. I created a chancing profile at collegevine and based on the letters I have received so far from 7 out of 20 colleges that I applied to, I have been rejected at all the schools that were considered safeties for me. However, I was recently waitlisted at a school that was supposed to be a reach college for me.

Is this a good sign and indicative of better chances at other reach colleges as well?


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3 years ago

Hi there! Thanks for asking this question -- as decision dates loom, this is definitely something on a lot of students' minds.

Like others on this thread, I would encourage you not to worry too much at this stage. You have yet to hear back from the majority of your schools, and though the results you've received so far may not have lined up with your expectations, they don't necessarily indicate what other schools' decisions may be. In general, trying to extrapolate an acceptance or rejection from one school to an impending decision elsewhere isn't helpful (or good for your mental health!); the admissions process is complex and holistic, and what one school is looking for may not line up with what another school wants to see.

Trust in your application, and once you have a better picture of where you stand from an admissions perspective, you can take whatever next steps are necessary, whether that means choosing among several acceptances, writing letters of continued interest for schools whose waitlists you want to remain on, looking for other options, or some combination of these things. In the end, you can only pick one school to attend, and I'm sure you will end up somewhere you will thrive.

Wishing you the best of luck in the coming weeks!

3 years ago

Good (yet challenging, might I add) question. The best answer I can personally give you is that while you may feel a little worried, don't be. If you have been rejected into some of your safety schools, that is okay. Try to patiently wait for more results from the other colleges you applied to since you still need to hear back from the other 13. When you have a better list and understanding of what colleges have accepted you, then you can make a smart decision on what you would like to do next. Until then, make sure to be on the lookout for when your status has changed.

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