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Im in AE (Between H and CP) spanish for high school and I am really good at it but is it too late to move up to Honors f

I'm a sophomore and going into my junior year of high school.

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@benny3 years ago

Could you clarify your question a bit. Thank You

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3 years ago

Just to make sure I am answering the question correctly: you are looking to move into Honors Spanish and you want to know if it is too late? Are you hoping to move for the current school year or is this move something you want to look into for your junior year?

I would talk with your current Spanish teacher to get a sense from them if they think you'll be able to handle the work load. You sound like you are confident you will be able to but it never hurts to get their opinion. If they think you're capable you can ask them to help you with the process of moving up. If you haven't picked your classes yet the process should be pretty easy. If you have picked classes your Spanish teacher or school counselor should be able to help.

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