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Details of studying engineering in harvard

I am Egyptian in thanaweya 'amma i hope to stydy enjineering in Cairo university but i want to know if i didn't get the desired gpa how can i study in harvard america the details and fees and everything

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Harvard's HS requirements would be 4 years of English, 4 years of Math, 4 years of Science (with 2 lab courses), 4 years of a Foreign Language (other than English your native tongue language), and 3 years of History (including US History and European History.)

Most Harvard engineering students will have completed AP Calculus B/C or the IB equivalent and perhaps taken higher maths like Differential Equations, Multivariable Calculus, Real Analysis, Stochastic Processes, or Martingales. If you are planning to study Chemical or Biomedical engineering, then you should take the hardest Chemistry or Biology classes like AP Chem or AP Bio. If you are going to pursue Mechanical, Electrical or Computer engineering, then I would recommend that you take the suite of Physics courses like AP Physics 1/2 and C which is Mechanics that uses Calculus. If your HS offers AP or IB courses, you should be enrolling and succeeding at the highest level in at 6-10 of those caliber courses. If your HS doesn't offer those, then look online for online high schools or specialty portals like eDX.org (MOOC) which offers AP courses for very inexpensive pricing.

Any additional outside coursework such as dual enrollment courses or online college classes will be helpful as well as doing independent research or interning with an engineering company prior to submitting your application.

Although most of the colleges are test-optional, it would be highly recommended that you take and submit either the SAT or ACT. Strive and aim for a 1500+ SAT score or a 34+ ACT score. These are not super hard tests in terms of content but they are very difficult to master. So unfortunately you have to dedicate a couple of hundred hours of prep work and testing to score in the 99% percentile of test-takers. If you are not an American, you will also have to take an English Proficiency Exam called the TOEFL or IELTS and require a high score in that.

Getting accepted into Harvard or any Ivy or Elite college like MIT/Caltech/Duke/JHU/UChicago is extremely difficult. This year you will see admit-rates in the 2-6% for these types of schools because there are many more applications from highly qualified HS students all over the world.

Lastly, I would say that most engineering applicants would not consider Harvard their top choice for attending if they want to study engineering.

Most would prefer to attend MIT, CalTech, Fu School at Columbia University, Cornell, U Michigan, Georgia Tech, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Rice, Carnegie Mellon University, U.of Illinois, Purdue, and U.of Texas at Austin.

You can investigate Harvard further by clicking these links.




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